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The receiver is the part of a firearm which houses the trigger group and the bolt. Pretty much all of the major parts of a weapon are attached to the receiver, so when building a gun, it is often a good idea to put together the receiver first.

Upper ReceiversEdit

M16A2 Upper ReceiverEdit

Grouped: No
Manufacturer: Colt Manufacturing Company LLC
Fits: M16
Description: M16A2/M16A3 upper receiver.

M16A1 Upper ReceiverEdit

Grouped: No
Manufacturer: Colt Manufacturing Company LLC
Fits: M16
Description: M16A1 upper receiver.

Lower ReceiversEdit

Complete AssembliesEdit




Rifle BarrelsEdit

Flash HidershEdit


Suppressors (Silencers)Edit

A modification for the barrel, which reduces firing noises when shooting.

Gas BlocksEdit

Gas TubesEdit


Fixed Stocks-Edit

non-adjustable shoulder rest present on many small arms. sometimes containing cleaning equipment or formed around buffer tubes such as on the M16A1 rifle. 

Collapsible Stocks- Edit

Stocks that are able to adjust the length of pull between a rifles pistol grip and the operators shoulder for comfort or shooting method. present in many forms Collapsible stocks can be side folding, run along a buffer tube, or use PDW style slide retainers, such as on the MP5N.

Adjustable Stocks-Edit

An adjustable stock is essentialy the same principle as a collapsible stock except  that it is usually folded against the receiver, as in some AK Style Rifles or the Airborne Version of the M1 Carbine. 


A folding stock is a stock which can be locked and unlocked on a pivotal axis so the entire stock can be folded  against the weapons reciever for compactness such as used in the SIG556 Rifle.

Cheek Rests-Edit

Cheek rests are padded cushions that are fitted to a weapons stock such as on a Sniper Rifle or HUnting rifle to aid in the process of hittting a target easier and more comfortably.

Buffer Tubes- Edit

Buffer Tubes are a part of the recoil system which soaks up a lot of the recoil (through accelerating its mass) and slows down the fast-moving parts of the action so that they don't damage either themselves or the frame of the rifle in which they are working.Edit

The AR-15/M-16 is one good example, but you find buffers in nearly all full-auto firearms as well, and in a bunch of the semi-auto ones. The AR-15/M-16 uses a tube buffer, but there are other types, 'squish' buffers, Belleville washer buffers, hydrostatic buffers, nested spring buffers, even pneumatic buffers. 

Sights & ScopesEdit

Iron Sights- Edit

Iron sights are the sights that come with the weapon straight out of the box. They assist the shooter in sighting a target.

Red Dot SightsEdit

Holographic SightsEdit

Telescopic Sights (Scopes)Edit



Pistol GripsEdit



Rail Integration Systems (RIS)Edit

Rail CoversEdit

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